Meet British Illustrator ByBells

Meet British Illustrator ByBells

Meet Katie. 

Katie is a British Illustrator & Print Designer based in London. She specialises in creating prints inspired by the natural landscape.

She aims for her huge love of the ocean and the outdoors to come across in all her work.

“I try to make my prints and processes as sustainable as possible and only use high quality inks and papers in my work.”

Who better then to collaborate with Red Cole to celebrate some of the very best of British ingredients. Our collaboration began by discussing some of the ingredients which inspire us. We soon settled on Watercress from Wiltshire, Rhubarb from Yorkshire and Potted Shrimp from Morecambe.

Once we’d settled on the ingredients we sourced the very best material and created some beautiful tea towels.

This was Katie’s first foray into the wonderful world of food, her illustration style works perfectly so we suspect it won’t be the last!

You can shop the collaboration here.

You can follow Katie on Instagram (@bybellsx) or lear more about her on her own website here.

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