About us

Red Cole British Larder was born out of a life long love affair with cooking and eating.

Good food is at the very core of our enjoyment of life, it’s why we love travel, what we do with friends, how we share time with family and always how we treat ourselves. To us, good food is essential.

Whilst we are very fond of all sorts of cuisines from around the globe we believe that Britain has long manufactured some of the best cookware and boasted some of the best ingredients in the world. In-fact Britain can proudly say that we have something of a tradition of positively influencing the way the world cooks and eats, from the famous cutlery produced in Sheffield to innovations like cheddaring (which created the world's favourite cheese).

We couldn’t help notice that these brilliant British culinary achievements have been chronically under celebrated… as can often be the British way. We exist to change that. We exist to champion British artisans and bring our customers the very best tools and ingredients, all lovingly crafted in the UK.

Every item has been thoughtfully curated to demonstrate why Brits should be immensely proud of our culinary culture and heritage. We test (or taste) every item and work alongside a whole range of artisans to bring you products that are:

  • Made to last - British manufacturing is synonymous with durability. Everything we sell has been designed to last a lifetime of heavy use because the world doesn’t need more throw-away items.
  • Made in the UK - All of our cookware is crafted in the UK, we believe in supporting British manufacturing because of its heritage but more importantly because of its quality. The same goes for our selection of food and drink - everything is made in the UK, wherever possible using ingredients that have also been grown here.
  • Made with form and function in mind - we only sell the very best tools which, thanks to their functionality are a joy to use… but that’s never enough, once we know they are of superior quality we have to be in love with their form, because cooking should be a daily joy.