True Tea Organic Green Tea (15 Tea Bags)


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Green tea bags hand blended and packed in Harrogate by the True Tea Company.

These organic green tea bags consist of a 100% whole green tea leaves. You can expect a light-green coloured cup with natural, fine sweetness and grassy tones. 


100% green tea leaves from Japan. These green tea leaves are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which have beneficial effects on the mind and body. Each biodegradable tea bag contains 2 grams of green tea, the 'golden ratio' amount for an 8oz cup of tea.

Brewing instructions

Boil the kettle to 100 celsius. Place the pyramid tea bag in a cup and brew for 5-10 minutes.


These tea bags are plant based, free from plastic and 100% biodegradable.They're made from PLA (polyatic acid) which originates from organic sources and are completely compostable.