Red Cole Carving Set with Walnut Handles


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Exclusive to Red Cole British Larder this two-piece carving set includes a 20cm carving knife and a 15cm carving fork. Created by Samuel Staniforth, is a celebration of British craftsmanship. Combining stainless steel forged in Sheffield, the Steel City, with British walnut handles and traditional brass rivets.

Key Features:

  • Fully forged from a single billet of Stainless Steel
  • British walnut handle
  • Crafted by hand by experienced craftsmen
  • Hand finished to achieve the sharpest edge
  • Brass rivets
  • Carving knife features thin yet strong blade
  • Carving knife is full tang
  • Carving fork with Precision prongs

This fully forged carving set features a carving knife with a thinner blade (relative to our chef’s knives) making it much easier to carve thinner, more precise slices.The carving fork features precision prongs optimally placed and sharpened to offer stability when carving meats and vegetables. The elegant design of the set looks beautiful when used at the table, perfect for Sunday roasts or special occasions. 

About the range

Created by Samuel Staniforth, this set is a celebration of British craftsmanship. Combining stainless steel forged in Sheffield, the Steel City, with British walnut handles and traditional brass rivets. 

This fully forged set is the result of over 150 years of craftsmanship and has been designed without compromise and with tradition in mind.

Every knife is fully forged from a single billet of steel and boasts a full tang (meaning a single bar of steel is heated and pounded into shape running from the tip of the knife right through the grip). This skilled-process offers superior strength and durability whilst a full square bolster (the metal portion where the handle meets the blade) adds additional weight and balance. These features result in a much sturdier knife than their French counterparts meaning they’ll last a lifetime.

The shape of the blade has been crafted with chopping in mind with a curve designed to assist with the rocking motion needed to chop quickly and an edge which is easy to sharpen using a sharpening steel, pull-through sharpener or whetstone. This is in direct contrast to most Japanese-style knives which are thinner and less versatile.

Every item in the range features a hand-crafted British Walnut handle. These hard-wearing handles are sustainably sourced and boast an elegant dark textured grain which will become deeper with use. As is traditional with British knives the handles are secured with three brass rivets which will also develop their own patina over time and can be polished to your liking.