Customisable End-Grain Oak Chopping Board (Extra Large)


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The Red Cole End Board is not so much a product as a service. It is the ultimate kitchen accessory hand crafted to order in Pembrokeshire from British Oak grown, felled, processed and purchased in Wiltshire.

This end grain board is created by cutting pieces of British oak into blocks and placing them together with the end of the grain facing up and forming the cutting surface. This produces the beautiful traditional “butcher block” appearance.

The brilliance of end grain boards is that they are self-healing. Cutting into the grain is akin to cutting into the bristles of a brush - the grain moves apart under pressure but returns when the pressure is removed.

You can customise your board with anything you like. Since this board will last generations you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect - we can design any logo you like, simply email us with your preferences and we will reply with a design for you to approve.


We recommend 24 x 12 x 2 (61cm x 30.5cm x 6cm). This makes for a beautifully proportioned board which remains manageable in weight. We also include recessed handles for ease of movement. 

The price includes customisation and is based on the above dimensions. Please email us if you would like to discuss a bespoke board. 


This will depend on exactly what you choose but as a guide we excpect our end grain boards to be shipped to you 4 weeks after they are ordered.

About the range.

The Red Cole Chopping and Carving Board range is hand made by Karl, a master craftsman based in Pembrokeshire. There is no company or wider team there is just one craftsman on a mission to create the very best food boards, inspired by his natural surroundings and respectful of nature.

Karl selects each piece of timber, choosing the best wood for the job before cutting and shaping each board by hand.

No board leaves Karl’s workshop without first being finished in own blend of wax. This gives a wonderful finish and ensures the board is naturally preserved. He won’t give us the recipe… but you can buy it here to keep your board in perfect condition.