Red Cole Tea Towel in Collaboration with ByBells - Rhubarb


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Quality tea towel, exclusive to Red Cole, created in collaboration with British illustrator & print designer Bybells to celebrate some of Britain's best ingredients.

This beautifully designed tea towel is as practical as it is pretty. Generously sized (72cm x 42cm), 100% cotton (309gsm) and woven with two threads in parallel instead of one making them heavy-duty yet lightweight and very easy to clean.

This design celebrates Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb.

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb, with its pink and green colouring is as beautiful as it is tasty. Without getting too geeky, the story of its cultivation is also worth telling.  In 1877 Yorkshire began "forcing" rhubarb making it the first place in the world to construct special forcing sheds. Once in the dark sheds heat is applied (using cheap coal from local mines) causing the rhubarb to grow in search of light which produced rhubarb early in the year when fresh fruit was scarce.


Care instructions

Wash at 40C, tumble dry and iron on a low heat (if you iron your tea towels that is).

Meet the maker

Learn more about ByBells in our "Meet our Makers" blog here.