Netherton Foundry Spun Iron Steak Skillet (30cm)


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Shropshire Made 12’’ (30cm) Spun Iron Steak Skillet ©

Heavy duty 3mm (1/8th inch) thick pan for very high cooking temperatures.

 When Christian Stevenson, aka DJBBQ, the Tsar of the steaks and the King of the coals asks you for a steak skillet, you ain't gonna say "No". 

This heavy duty 3mm (1/8th inch) skillet has been designed for Christian and all the steak lovers out there who want a pan that can handle some serious heat.  Ramp it up and get the perfect char on your ribeyes, sirloins and rumps; gorgeous surface caramelisation for the best looking, best tasting steak you can imagine.

This pan is not what you need for omelettes and tortillas, stick with an every day spun iron frying pan or prospector pan for that.  But when steak is the only thing that's going to fit the bill, this is the pan you really, really need!. Check the weight below before you buy, it's 50% heavier than a standard 12 inch frying pan!

Made in Britain.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish
Durable and heavy duty 99.1% pure iron pan with sturdy riveted handle
Hand made, British oak handle covers with brass fixings
3mm thick base for really high temperature frying & browning
Remove handle covers for use in oven or grill
Perfect for range stoves, open fires, electric, gas, ceramic, halogen & induction hobs (heat up slowly to keep flat).
PTFE & PFOA free - absolutely no chemicals.  


Weight 5lbs 4ozs (2.4kg), 12'' (30.5cm) rim diameter, 10" (25cm) base diameter, Pan depth 1.75" (4.3cm).,11" (28cm) handle.