Square Root Pear & Aronia Soda (275ml)


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Pear & aronia soda crafted by Square Root who press and bottle their drinks in East London made with ingredients you’d find in your kitchen.

When life gives you Pears... well, it must be autumn, because that's when Square Root get to make their fresh Pear and Aronia soda, when the pears and berries are in peak condition. They lock in all that glorious natural sweetness for the coming months.

This autumnal fizz features sweet, nectar-like juice pressed from crisp, rusty-green Kentish Conference and Williams variety pears. We’ve balanced this natural sugar hit with sharp, dark, moody Aronia Berry, a wonderberry of sorts, crammed with all sorts of nutritional goodness, and most important of all, some serious, bold flavour.

Great as a refreshing, fruity sipper for all the family, and superb with a quality gin for those who are so inclined, with zero artificial additives to get in the way. Joyous!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Pear Juice (30%), Aronia Juice (6%), Sugar, Lemon, Vitamin C

99 calories per 275ml Ring Pull Bottle