Wemyss Family Spirits The Hive Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 46%


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The Hive is a malt whisky that welcomes you with a honey-like sweetness, zesty citrus flavours and a floral bouquet.

This zesty, sweet and rounded whisky is the perfect start to the adventurous exploration of flavour. When introduced to a new whisky drinker it will be sure to cause a buzz in the conversation.

Like the life and soul of the party it is zestful and spirited with notes of orange blossom and candied fruits.

Gentle with a rounded, smooth mouthfeel, it is a high-spirited whisky bottled at 46% alcohol by volume and is non chill-filtered.

Try neat, on the rocks, in a Cloudy Lemonade Highball or in an Old Fashioned.


Copper gold

Orange blossom honey drizzled over hot buttered loaf. Malted loaf rich with golden sultanas and soft saffron

A tingling spice dances over the tongue with zesty orange peel, with the warmth of a freshly grated ginger and honey toddy

Clove studded grapefruit with a whisper of dry wood smoke



Cheese: St Tola Ash; a fresh and lemony raw goat milk log from Clare, Ireland. Fruity and fresh flavour with a smooth and velvety texture. Ash coated to give a more prominent flavour.

Meat: Honey and clove roast ham works perfectly when paired The Hive. The whisky refreshes the palate from the saltiness of the meat, whilst maintaining the honey flavours.

Dessert: A creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta or the richer caramlised sugar flavours from a Crème Brûlée work well against The Hive’s medium sweetness.

Beer: Innis and Gun Original. Both The Hive and Innis and Gunn Original impart sweet honey, vanilla and malty characteristics making an intense and indulgent pairing although the orange notes in the whisky and citrus notes from the hops in the beer should stop it from being to cloying.   



To create our blended malt Scotch Whiskies our blending team work to a secret recipe of Base, Support and Signature malts to craft each bottling.

Base Malts:
Approx. 62% vatting of various light sweet and soft Speyside single malts.

Support Malts:
Approx. 8% support of richly flavoured Speyside single malt.

Signature Malts:
Approx. 30% fruity Speyside single malt.